Information and communication systems are crucial for efficient and sustainable health care systems in a modern society. Growing amounts of medical data such as images and reports are available for better diagnosis and therapy and may foster clinical research.
However, considerable technical efforts are needed to integrate information of different types and from various sources. Complex information systems thus allow for the collection and distribution of relevant medical information to health care professionals and providers, but careful planning and management are indispensable for the successful deployment and acceptance throughout the medical staff.

The upcoming diplomado will focus on both technical and social requirements which are pivotal for successful implementation and operation of health information systems tailored to the needs of the particular health care institution. Therefore, it will cover diverse questions such as
• How can requirements of the stakeholders of your health care institution such as physicians, nurses or the administration be identified and addressed?
• How can new information systems be integrated into existing workflows?
• How can application interfaces be designed based on requirements of users?
• How can different technical components be integrated?
• What are obstacles and key success factors?

The course will provide you with the necessary knowledge and the appropriate set of tools to answer these questions for your institution, thus enabling you to successfully plan, deploy and operate complex health care information systems.

For details, please refer to the announcement on the Spanish pages