Course Structure

Semester Module Location ECTS/
Total ECTS / Semester
Semester 1 M1: General anatomy and Physiology PUC 6 ECTS 30 ECTS / 50Cr
M2: Physics of Radiation and Dosimetry PUC 6 ECTS
M3: Radiobiology, Radiation Protection, and Legal Framework PUC 6 ECTS
M4.1: Optional Course* PUC 6 ECTS
M4.2: Optional Course* PUC 6 ECTS
Semester 2 M5: Physics and Special Techniques of Radiotherapy PUC 6 ECTS 26 ECTS / 43,3Cr
M6: Physics of Medical Imaging PUC 6 ECTS
M7: Bio Statistics PUC 6 ECTS
M12: Practical Work PUC 8 ECTS
Semester 3 M8.1: Optional Course* PUC 6 ECTS 34 ECTS / 56,7Cr
M8.2: Optional Course* PUC 6 ECTS
M9: Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) UHD 7,5 ECTS
M10: Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) and Adaptive Radiotherapy (ART) UHD 7,5 ECTS
M11: Advanced Dosimetry and Quality Assurance UHD 7 ECTS
Semester 4 MT: Master’s Thesis PUC, UHD, other institutions 30 ECTS 30 ECTS / 50Cr
BSc in Physics or equivalent (180 ECTS); one year of professional experience in the field of Medical Physics prior to semester 3; English and Spanish language proficiency
Σ120 ECTS Σ120 ECTS / 200Cr
On-Site module at PUC (taught in Spanish)
Online module at UHD (taught in English)
Practical Work at PUC (taught in Spanish)
Thesis (written in English at PUC or UHD)
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System (credit points)
Cr: Chilean Credit Points
6 ECTS = 10 Cr

*elective modules – optional courses: M4.1; 4.2 and M8.1; 8,2

  • medical imaging
  • special techniques in MR Tomography
  • electronics for physicists
  • classical optics
  • atomic and molecular physics
  • radiotherapy treatment devices
  • electromagnetism
  • modern physics

The program’s curriculum includes courses on theoretical and clinical medicine, medical physics, medical engineering, biomathematics, legal questions, nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, dosimetry, radiation protection, and the application and methods of the modern radiotherapy. Additionally, participants will gain experience in the basics of scientific work through investigation and education.