CURRENT STATUS OF IMAGING FOR RADIOTHERAPY Santiago de Chile 14.11 - 18.11. 2016

Organizers :

Target audience:

Medical technicians, physicists and medical doctors, who are working currently in the area of Radiotherapy, as well as scientists and students interested in this area.

Schedule :

9.30 to 18.30 hrs. Classes at the Heidelberg Center for Latin America
The first and last day activities are scheduled until 20.00 hrs.

Closing date application for scholarships:

28th of October 2016

Closing date of enrolment:

7th of November 2016

Begin of summer school:

14th of November 2016

End of summer school:

18th of  November 2016

Study fees:

Medical doctors – 250.000
Physicists and medical technicians – $ 200.000
Students – $70.000

Information :Heidelberg Center para América Latina
Las Hortensias 2340
Providencia-Santiago de Chile
Fono: +56 (0) 2 2234 34 66

Preliminary list of teachers :

• Dr. Andrés Córdova, Clínica Alemana of Santiago, Chile

• Dr. Ignacio Espinoza, PUC, Chile

• Prof. Dr. Oliver Jaekel, DKFZ, Germany

• Dr. Andreas Korzowski, DKFZ, Germany

• Dr. Torsten Moser, DKFZ, Germany

• Dr. Marco Nolden, DKFZ, Heidelberg, Germany

• Dr. Asja Pfaffenberger, DKFZ, Germany

• Dr. Wellington Pimenta, Hospital Sirio-Libanês, Sao Paulo, Brazil

• Dr. Beatriz Sanchez- Nieto, PUC, Chile

• Dr. Stefan Sawall, DKFZ, Germany

• Dr. Sergio Uribe, PUC, Chile

• Dr. Daniel Venencia, Fundación Marie Curie, Córdoba, Argentina