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Medical Informatics is a discipline of informatics dealing with the application of information technology in the health sector. It covers such diverse topics as hospital information systems, bioinformatics, image processing and telemedicine. While one focus is the acquisition and processing of patient data from e.g. radiologic images, ECG, tissue or genomic samples, another important issue is to archive, distribute and provide this information in an appropriate manner for physicians, nurses, scientists or health care management professionals.

To underline these different aspects, Medical Informatics nowadays is often referred to as Biomedical and Health Informatics. These two aspects are also reflected in this program by theGerman Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the University of Heidelberg and the Universidad de Chile.

Summer schools and diplomados will concentrate on either subject and the master course to start in 2011 will offer two different trails. So whether you are a physician, a nurse, an engineer, a natural scientist, a medical technician or a public health manager, you may just pick the suitable courses for your needs.

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