Center of Excellece in Medical Informatics

In 2009, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)University of HeidelbergUniversidad de Chile; started an educational program for Medical Informatics in Chile. All courses will be held in Santiago de Chile starting from late 2010 with the first .

The University of Heidelberg has a vast experience in the training of Medical Informatics students. Starting in 1972 some 1500 students have graduated since then. Most of them emerged to work in companies, hospitals or academic institutions helping to satisfy the growing needs for information technology in health care. Former graduates have also been substantially involved in defining international educational recommendations for Medical Informatics.
Former international projects involve the creation of a Biomedical Centre of Excellence in the Middle East (European Union TEMPUS project). Partner Universities providing exchange programs with the Medical Informatics unit in Heidelberg include institutions in Europe – e.g. Amsterdam, (Netherlands) – as well as in the US, namely Minneapolis, Seattle and also the Taipei Medical University in Taiwan.

Courses will be held by lecturers from Chile and Germany combining the experience of education in Medical Informatics with the specific knowledge of the needs of the chilean health system. The official course language is English with selected courses being held in Spanish, depending on the lecturer.