Workshop 2020: Radiobiology

Since the early years of radiotherapy, Radiobiology has led to fundamental insights into radiation oncology. A large compendium of experimental data is now available constituting the scientific basis of clinical protocols employed today. In order to maintain the scientific and clinical relevance of this discipline, physicists, biologists and clinicians must overcome the challenges of the multidisciplinary work to offer the best of each scientific knowledge to unravel the mechanisms of the tumor and normal tissue radiation response. A lot has been already done but a lot more to discover and understand.

This two-day workshop will explore the latest advances and challenges of experimental radiobiology and will allow to foster and initiate collaborations among the participants. Presentations will navigate from mathematical models of radiation response, to current clinical challenges going through in vitro methods, animal models, beam simulation, dosimetry and, radiation dose computation, among others.

New Date in 2020

March 05th – March 06th 2020



Heidelberg Center Latin America
Las Hortensias 2340
Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Poster and Program

The poster is available here.

The program available here.


  • Ignacio Espinoza, UC, Chile
  • Araceli Gago-Arias, IDIS, Spain
  • Christin Glowa, DKFZ, Germany
  • Carsten Herskind, University Medical Centre Mannheim, U. of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Christian P. Karger, DKFZ, Germany
  • Ina Kurth, DKFZ, Germany
  • Katherine Marcelain, U. de Chile, Chile
  • Pablo Muñoz, Centro de Cancer UC-CHRISTUS, Chile
  • Alexander Neuholz, DKFZ, Germany
  • Isabela Paredes-Cisneros, DKFZ, Germany
  • Francois Paris, Université de Nantes, France
  • Yannick Poirier, U. of Maryland, USA
  • Beatriz Sánchez-Nieto, UC, Chile


The language of the workshop will be English.

Target audience

Physicists, biologists, medical doctors, scientists, medical technologists and students interested in this area.

Application deadline

Feb. 28th 2020

Study Fees (in CLP)

Physicists, biologists, scientists, medical doctors, medical technologists:
60.000 CLP

15.000 CLP

Information and registration

Heidelberg Center Latin America
Las Hortensias 2340
Providencia, Santiago de Chile
Phone: +56 (0) 2 2234 34 66

Financial Support:

The workshop is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.



Additionally, the workshop is part of the “Chilean-German Consortium for Medical Physics (CGCoMPRO)” and thus also sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (FMER).


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