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Alumni reunion LL.M. in International Law

Watch the video of the lectures by Directors of the LL.M. in International Law, in the framework of the Alumni reunion last November 19, 2020.

Sven Korzilius at the last talk of the Cycle organized by the Judicial Academy and the Heidelberg Center for Latin America (HCLA)

The conference "Hitos jurisprudenciales de la jurisdicción civil alemana en materia de Derechos Humanos" was in charge of Dr. Sven Korzilius, DAAD Representative, Visiting Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile and Lecturer in the Master of International Law.  

His talked was focused on the jurisprudence that has been developed in civil jurisdiction mainly in Germany, based on the creation of jurisprudence with a horizontal approach to fundamental rights typical of the German Doctrine.

In a magnificent overview of the main jurisprudence that has developed in Germany in the last 70 years, Prof. Korzilius highlighted the scope of rights, especially those focused on personality, and how the scope of protection of these rights has been determined.

With this presentation, the Heidelberg Center for Latin America and the Chilean Judicial Academy concluded the cycle "Contingency and Justice", which included four conferences by renowned professors and lecturers of the LL.M Program in International Law during the second semester of 2020. This is a strategy of academic cooperation focus on topics discussed in the LLM with the work of the Chilean Judicial Academy and the community in general.

Conference: “Hitos jurisprudenciales de la jurisdicción civil alemana en materia de Derechos Humanos”

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Heidelberg Alumni Chile: Master of Law in International Law (LL.M.). November 19, 11hrs. Chile

Hugo Seleme and "Positional benefits as a threat to the independence of judiciary systems”

Last October 27, our Professor of the Master in International Law for more than 15 years, Hugo Seleme, gave a lecture about "Positional Benefits as a threat to the Independence of Judicial systems” in the framework of the high-level conferences series Contingency and Justice  organized by the Chilean Judicial Academy and the Heidelberg Center for Latin America.

In this third session, Hugo Seleme addressed the challenges that judicial systems have to face, referring to a fearful or a corrupt judiciary sustem. In the framework of his argumentative development, he discussed the two most used mechanisms to deal with these problems: first, with the granting of high positional benefits (such as salary); and second, with the selection process of judges and judicial officials.

With a clean and clear development, he was able to indicate the main challenges that these issues entail for the independence of the Judiciary in a current context of rule of law. The webinar was followed by more than fifty listeners, who also asked questions related to specific corruption situations in some countries of Latin America.

Prof. María Teresa Infante Caffi, Ambassador of Chile to the Netherlands, appointed Member of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and Co-director of the international LL.M. at HCLA on “Territorial jurisdiction of States and international

On June, 25 the high-level conferences series Contingency and Justice organized by the Judicial Academy of Chile together with the Heidelberg Center Latin-America (HCLA) had it kick-off with a talk by Professor María Teresa Infante Caffi’, Ambassador of Chile to the Netherlands and recently appointed as a member of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea for 2020-2029, and Co-director of the Master (LL.M.) in International Law at the HCLA.
Professor Infante Caffi shared her reflections on the territorial jurisdiction of States as a pillar concept of national legal systems, its linkage with international law and the role of international cooperation as a constantly changing concept. The event was held online with almost 200 participants. The video of Infante Caffi´s talk is available at
The conference series will continue on September, 29 from 2.30 to 4 p.m. (Chilean time) with a talk by Dr. Mariela Morales Antoniazzi, researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, on El papel de las juezas y jueces en la garantía de los Derechos Humanos. Registration will be opened in short through the website of the Chilean Judicial Academy.


Co-director of the LL.M. in International Law, María Teresa Infante Caffi, is elected as member of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (2020-2029)

We congratulate our professor and co-director of the Master in International Law, Ambassador of Chile to the Netherlands, María Teresa Infante Caffi, to her election as a member of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea,  (2020-2029), becoming the third woman to hold this position.

Alejandro Jara is appointed as a member of the group of ten permanent arbitrators of the Multi-Party Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement (MPIA)

The paralysis in the operation that in the World Trade Organization (WTO) faces the Appellate Body (AB) has generated the Multi-Party Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement (MPIA), as an instrument from the agreement of 21 Members of the WTO, with the purpose of having an alternative and provisional mechanism to the second instance of this organization.

Professor Alejandro Jara has been Deputy Director General of the WTO during 2005- 2013, he was also a diplomat for Chile focusing his work in the area of international trade law, trade policy and international negotiations, therefore he has a vast experience in international trade issues that support his appointment, which earned him the proposal of his candidacy by the Government of Chile.

He shares this list of internationally recognized arbitrators such as Prof. Thomas Cottier of the World Trade Institute, who visited us in 2016 at the Heidelberg Center for Latin America, as well as colleagues such as Valerie Hughes and Joost Pauwelyn.

Alejandro Jara has been part of the professors staff in the Master of International Law offered by the Universities of Heidelberg and Chile for several years, and from August 4-6, 2020 he will participate in the International Trade Section, offering his online classes to its participants. We are honored to have him once again participate in our LLM in International Law.

Applications open: Master of Laws in International Law (LL.M.) -Investments, Trade and Arbitration- 18th year

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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Francisco Orrego Vicuña


Wednesday 02 October 2019, London 

Master in International Law (LL.M) included in the academic offer of The Chilean International Cooperation Agency (AGCI)

As several years before, the LL.M in International Law, Investments, Trade and Arbitration by the Universities of Heidelberg and Chile is part of the offer that the Chilean International Cooperation Agency (AGCI) currently has available to foreigners students who wish to study Masters in Chile.

The Scholarship “Republic of Chile 2020” is available at The offer is for professionals who are nationals of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, And Caricom member countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts And Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad And Tobago.

Because the LL.M in International Law has a selection process that takes several weeks, interested students are invited to send their applications in advance in case they decide to participate in this Chilean call for scholarship.

It emphasizes that only those Masters who are accredited participate in this Chilean Scholarship Program, the LLM is accredited for 7 years until the year 2022.


Encuentro Alumni Magíster (LL.M.) Derecho Internacional 2020

Te invitamos a revisar el video con las exposiciones de los Directores del Magíster (LL.M.) en Derecho Internacional en el marco del encuentro de graduados del LL.M. el pasado 19 de noviembre de 2020.