Master Program

Master Governance of Risk and Resources
March 2021


• Institute of Geography, University of Heidelberg and Heidelberg Center for Latina America, Centre of Excellence in Research and Teaching
• Institute of Geography, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
• Departament of Geography, University of Chile



The overall objective of the Masters program is to train specialists with the ability to integrate and apply scientific advances on the nature and management of natural resources and risks to territorial planning and governance of the institutions responsible at regional and local levels.
This program offers an interdisciplinary master’s dialogue – specifically from the perspective of social, economic and natural sciences – and has a strong research orientation. So students will learn to develop scientific problems independently, will acquire theoretical and conceptual knowledge, as well as receive methodological tools to discuss scientifically. In addition, this program provides students the opportunity to acquire professional competence.
Once developed the thesis and passed the examination of magister, the University of Heidelberg awarded the academic degree of “Master of Science” (M.Sc.).


Deadline for application:

January 10, 2021


The program considers the possibility of granting scholarships in qualified cases.
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has a limited number of scholarships for this program.

Information and application:

Heidelberg Center for Latin America
Las Hortensias 2340, Providencia
Phone: +56 2 2234 3466